Jackson Township Cemeteries

Champaign County, Ohio

Rules and Regulations – Updated 12/20/2021

Open Cemeteries

Smith Cemetery

Just east of Christiansburg on south side of SR55

Newson Cemetery

Cow Path Road just west of Dialton Pike across road from Newsom Chapel church

Mt. Zion Cemetery

On Conrad Road, west of Dialton Road and south of St. Paris

Closed Cemeteries

Hill Cemetery

On Creek Road between Chapman Creek & railroad tracks, northeast of Thackery

Grafton Cemetery

On Old Troy Pike, east of Kite Road

Huddleson-Sills Cemetery

Westside of Elm Tree Road, south of Old Troy Pike


Steve Runkle  937-689-6264

David Jenkins 937-631-1673

Herb Luttrell  937-216-9960

Fiscal Officer:

Salli Lacy 937-508-9812

Visitations—Cemeteries are sacredly devoted to the burial of the dead. Visitors are permitted from dawn to dusk. All vehicles are to be parked on the drives provided.

Maintenance—Regular care is included in the purchase price of your lot. This includes scheduled grass mowing, tree trimming, seeding and road maintenance.

Decorations—Please remove old decorations by April 15 for spring clean-up. No permanent plants are permitted.

Vaults—All burials must have a vault.

Headstones—Headstones must be installed by the company from which the stone was purchased.

Monument Bases—Monument bases will be installed two times a year. Deadlines are May 1 and October 15. All monuments must have a base that will be installed by Township personnel. Must have a cement base or be flush with the ground over a stone base.

Ash Interment Limit–There shall be a limit of six ash interments per single lot. Interment by Trustees only.

Schedule of Charges–The trustees want to see their lot owners well satisfied, but must make a charge for any extra services in addition to such normal scheduled services.

Burial Lots $   400.00

Opening and Closing $   400.00

Infant Opening and Closing $   250.00 (must have casket size verified)

Cremation Burial $   100.00

Monument Bases $   100.00 or .35 per square inch, whichever is greater

Deed Transfer $     25.00

Disinterment $2,000.00

Opening and Closing $     50.00 (extra charge for holidays or Sunday)

Installation for Flat Ground-Flush Veteran Plaques-No charge

Veterans Plaques on monument must be installed by monument provider.

You can download a copy of the Jackson Township Cemeteries Flyer by clicking here